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'these two hands' - more than just a newsletter

First up, you might be thinking where did the name 'these two hands' come from? Well, Oneday Estate owner, Sam Murray, not only built the winery with his own two hands, he's also a maker and creator himself.

Sam's work is displayed throughout the winery. He builds timber furniture and creates glass wear for display, sale and functionality - all of this done at the Oneday property.

So we share that love, of creating with 'these two hands'.Below are just a few of the creations at Oneday Estate.

We want to become a connector for the makers and creators of Geelong and The Bellarine.

We know how challenging it can be sometimes for artists, makers and creators to get their work out there. So we want to help. Here's how;

  • By promoting local artists at the winery and to our audiences.
  • By giving local makers and creators an opportunity to display their work.
  • By bringing together a bunch of like-minded people to support the community we build.

So what can you do to get involved?

If you'd like to be informed as we develop our ideas further, start reaching out to our community for opportunities to get involved and to see what other makers and creators are doing in region, SIGN UP BELOW. That's the best place to get involved.

This is no wine club. But... we are a winery after all....

.... and at the end of the day we LOVE that our customers have amazing experiences that our wine is a part of. So, in true Oneday Estate fashion, we're going to keep this pretty simple.

If you're looking for a winery newsletter / club to subscribe to, to access great wine at member only prices, but don't want to run a spreadsheet in order to keep up with you're current discount, this is the one for you.

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So here's the deal.

Subscribe below, and every month (among news and updates as mentioned above) we'll tack on a member only offer, you can't get anywhere else.

Want more?That's a problem.... that's all there is...we thought that was all pretty cool!!!

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