how to get here…


What's your style?

So we know you've been coming to Oneday for a while now. And after a few hours of good company, tunes and paella, one more glass of Rosé in the sun is super tempting, right?

So instead of driving to Oneday - take the easy option and enjoy the extra glass...

Did you know Route 61 takes you right to the corner of Curlewis and Portarlington? Literally a stones throw from our front door.

Bike / Walk / Trail
If your friend and her hubby are coming from Leopold, tell them to take the rail trail and we'll have a cold one waiting for them. Plus, an Uber home will cost them around ten bucks!

If you're coming with the whole crew, Mixer's transport will have you arriving in style... In a mini van. Hit Mixer up in advance and he'll have your transport sorted.

There's so many options, it's easy to see why people love the place - such convenience (and delicious wine, just quietly.)
So, if you're planning a trip out here for the day, take your pick...